My name is Bella and I live in Hants, Hampshire

Hello everyone…let me introduce myself. My name is Bella (that stands for Beautiful, Ever so good, LLoves a walk and Adorabubble……) and I am only 8 months old! I travelled over from Romania last year when I was only 4 months old and very frightened. My foster mummy says that I have picked up the ‘lingo’ very well and don’t talk back hmmmmm!

I go outside to do the toilet and stay inside to keep warm…..see fast learner. I love going for a walk especially when I can run all by myself - I am so fast and like to show off a bit :)

I know when I hear my name to come back as I always get a lovely treat and told that I am a good girl – which of course I am! I love to play ‘tig’ and ‘catch me if you can’ with other doggies but not with pussycats. I love peoples – all peoples. Big peoples and little peoples, especially little peoples!!

Adopt Me!